Steps for International Students (Visa F1)

1. Main Street Schoolhouse Application form 

Completely fill out our pre-application form (your passport number is required, if you do not have it, you should get it). This gives us the information we need to conplete the I-20 Student Visa application. Once completed you can send it to the Director by email.

2. Financial support

Provide a bank statement for 3 months, yours or from the person that will be supporting you. The embassy wants to see that all the support money is in the bank plus extra in case of unexpected expenses.  A sponsor will need to fill out Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, and it must be notarized.

3. I-20 Form

Next, we make the legal I-20 form on the computer. The student (or parent, if the student is a minor) must write the full name and sign it on the first page.  Please pay close attention to the starting date for your classes.

If it becomes impossible to come by the date on your I-20, we can change your starting date and send you an updated I-20.

4. SEVIS fee

The I-20 application fee is $200. This is done over the internet with a visa card; you can do this process in our office with your own card, or the school’s card.  Feel free to go to the SEVIS I-901 Fee processing website to make a payment .  Once payment is made you will receive a receipt for payment; which you will need to take to the embassy,along with your 1-20 application.

5. Appointment at the Embassy

When the student has all these documents, he or she has to get his passport and then make appointment with the embassy.  Visit the United State Embassy site to locate the closest embassy/consulate near you.  For more information on Visa Appointments & Processing visit U.S. VISAS.

Please remember to take the following: 

1. The 1-20 application

 2. The receipt of payment

 3. The certified bank statement

Plan to dress well to make a good presentation at the embassy.

6. Main Street Schoolhouse fee

The Director charges a small fee of $25 for the time spent for the appointment, making plans, and doing the I-20 and payment on line.