Adult High School

Adult High schoolAdult High School in MSS House

Our Adult High School is for people over the age of 18, and follows all the requirements for high school graduation in the state of Ohio. 

MSS Adult High School is a very unique program for Americans and foreigners who never completed High School in the US or in their own country. It is fast-paced, English/Spanish bilingual, licensed by the State of Ohio, and after completing the 20 state-required credits, students earn a valuable diploma and official transcript which they receive at a beautiful graduation ceremony.

In other words, this program is available for both local and foreign adult students. By following the State of Ohio Department of  Education Graduation requirements, each student is given the chance to earn a real high school diploma. Classes are offered at these locations: 

  1. MSS Main Campus in Hamilton 
  2. MSS Middletown branch.

We accept all local and foreign high school applicants and offer flexible schedule, reasonably low monthly fees, and English / Spanish instruction.  

Our Adult High School (ADHS) meets the education requirements of the DACA application, and hundreds of local Hispanic young men and women have enrolled and completed the MSS Adult High School enabling them to achieve the coveted DACA approval and legal status.

What is HOPE?

All our Hispanic high school graduates are members of HOPE: Hispanics Organizing for Post-high school Education – the Main Street Schoolhouse Inc. organization with the goal to support Hispanic students in educational and financial ways, stand by them before and during college, and provide tutoring support.

Who Can Enroll in Adult High School?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is seeking for a high school diploma.

ADHS is the perfect solution for any disappointed high school student who failed to graduate for whatever reason. A student may have missed the mark by lacking only 1 credit, or many credits, and the student can enroll at MSS to complete the missing required subjects. A student may also pick up a lacking credit by enrolling in the summer quarter.

ADHS is the perfect solution for an adult who was a high school drop-out many years ago, and struggles to maintain jobs for lacking the high school diploma. The student can arrange a flexible schedule to work around family and job responsibilities.

ADHS is also a perfect option for foreign students who have a high school diploma from their own country but have a desire to enroll in US colleges. MSS offers a “US Updated High School”, which includes math updating, American history and American government, more English language development, and other Ohio Department of Education requirements that the student may not have studied before. This additional diploma makes the foreign student “college-ready.”

The Main Street Schoolhouse Main Campus is located in a quiet, West-side neighborhood of Hamilton, Ohio. We offer free parking in the adjacent parking lot and along the street. Please see Contact Us page.

Free college prep for MSS graduates.

We offer a variety of classes to get students ready for college, including math, grammar, writing, TOEFL and COMPAS practice test. These courses are free to MSS graduates.

Feel free to Contact Us for more details, we want to hear from you!

How can I register?

If you are interested in our Adult High School you can visit the Schoolhouse during office hours and bring school records, such as Transcript of grades and classes, if you have them. It’s OK if you don’t have any school. The school adviser will make your personal high school program of classes needed, and set up a morning or evening schedule to attend. You will enjoy the small, personal classes, taught by our friendly, helpful teachers!

Also you can apply right now, just fill the online Registration Form below.

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