Spanish Language

A little bit of History

Main Street Schoolhouse has been the local for-runner in providing Spanish lessons to our community since 1997.  Responding to a community need to communicate with newly growing Hispanic population, the MSS Director, Karen Cocina, provided personalized Spanish lessons, conversation-based, to innumerable social service agencies, police department, and businesses to facilitate dealing with and providing client services.

On-going Class

The year-round Spanish program called Progressive Spanish / Español Progresivo, follows a series of friendly books written by the school director Karen Cocina, supplemented by the Spanish Reading Lab, to help you learn quickly.  Forget about boring verb and grammar drills.  Learn the natural way.   The books are organized to lay a strong Spanish language foundation by coordinating all the skills of reading, listening, pronouncing, writing, grammar, and speaking. These classes are appropriate for beginners and more advanced students, and you will get a certificate for each book completed.

The Spanish teachers at Main Street Schoolhouse are experienced teachers, bilingual in English and Spanish, to bring quick learning to our local people who want to speak Spanish for professional or personal reasons. A pleasant bonus:  there is a wealth of Spanish-speaking students in the Schoolhouse learning English, who welcome opportunities for English/Spanish practice with you.  The Schoolhouse is a friendly place, and you will think it is a second home.

Special Spanish Opportunities

Alternative Spanish Classes are provided for variety, or for an expressed need.  That means you or your group can arrange classes for adults or children, such as: Work-place Spanish, Ministry Spanish, Homeschool Spanish, Pre-school Spanish, Destinos (based on a mysterious soap opera), TPR Spanish, Friendly Conversation Spanish.

Spanish for Children and Youth (age 5 and above)

Storybook Spanish. For the kids, Storybook Spanish is a fun, natural way to learn Spanish by logging in to our school’s E-learning site, using digital Tablets provided by the Schoolhouse, and watching the book videos.  The kids practice reading the book aloud to the teacher, make vocabulary cards, play card games, and write sentences.  Artistic children often like to draw, color, and make their own version of the book to take home and practice with the family.  This class is good for both English and Spanish-speaking kids.

Special Spanish Opportunities for Kids

Summer Camp, 4 weeks, is another fun time to learn Spanish.  The schedule, along with the cost, will be posted on the School Calendar in early spring.

Saturday School is also offered certain times of the year.  Watch the School Calendar!  Saturday school has Storybook reading, math practice, and arts or crafts—a 2-hour time period.  Cost: $80 per month.

Spanish Program Cost

Our Director Miss Karen Cocina is dedicated to providing the best education for the incredibly low price. Please check Our Prices page. Look for Spanish Language Program section.

All Spanish Enrollment

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