Private School (Grades 1-12)

What is MSS House Private School?

Main Street Schoolhouse is licensed by the State of Ohio and follows all the requirements for kids ages 6-18, such as attendance, subjects, grades, credits, records, advancement, and teachers. Parents and legal guardians of MSS Private School are given a copy of the annual licensing letter with all the ODE laws and requirements at the beginning of the school year. It is also categorized a Christian school.

Our year-round private school for both local and foreign kids, offers a tailored program to meet each student’s educational needs.

A major highlight of our Private School for local kids is one-on-one instruction, that they cannot get in a public school.

A major highlight of our Private School for foreign students interested in studying at Main Street School House, not only is one-on-one instruction, but also our unique ESL program: Progressive English. These ESL classes are offered in our Private School curriculum to any private school student who needs to improve his/her English.

What is the philosophy of teaching in MSS House?

MSS Private School was formulated as an alternative school for students who want a different kind of education than they would receive at a public school. The philosophy of the Director is that a teacher is not teaching, unless the student is learning.  Therefore, every effort is made through special teaching methods to enable students to learn, and achieve at a high grade level.  There is never “any child left behind” at Main Street Schoolhouse.  The curriculum has built-in strategies for helping the student to retain knowledge, and to reason.  With low teacher/student ratio (1/8) all teachers become aware of each of their student’s strengths and weaknesses, and teaching is tailored to address the weak areas, and build on the strengths. High student success naturally results with a student’s feeling of self-accomplishment and self-confidence, which is highly prized by all parents.

What kind of class teaching is used?

There is a mixture of traditional, but individualized teaching, along with the MSS House’s own created E-Learning classes on the school’s website, and other website learning assigned by a teacher, because today’s students need to be very gifted and adapt at online class methods, and able to navigate the web to obtain and evaluate information.  Digital tablets are utilized daily in the classrooms for Reading lab, and English practice.  MSS House uses colorful and engaging ABEKA textbooks for the main curriculum. They are high quality, advanced books, used by many Christian schools.

What is it like at MSS House?

MSS Private School students get a special, individualized education in a family-like, diverse, international environment.  Teachers and students alike are multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-everything. This atmosphere for learning among a diversity of culture is a true education indeed for today’s global society that children and youth are a part of.  Learning to treat each other as equals begins by playing and studying together, with staff and teachers that model equality.

How can MSS House help international students?

MSS Private School for middle school children and high school youth is the best place to start for new arrivals in the US, who need immediate help with English, and by teachers who explain lessons in a friendly, understandable way.

MSS House is also a perfect way for foreign students to prepare for college.  Finishing the 12th grade at Main Street Schoolhouse introduces the foreign student to US culture, provides practice to improve English pronunciation and conversation, and allows the foreign student to obtain a US high school diploma.

What papers does a student need to register for MSS Private School?

For local students, MSS House will send a formal request to the previous school to obtain the records after the initial registration.

International students will need to bring an official school transcript from the previous school attended, and other records held by that school, such as health/immunization records, attendance records. If school’s documents are in a different language, they should be translated to English.

What is the right time to apply for Private School?

You can apply any time. However, there are 2 optimum start dates. First one is in August for beginning at the first semester session, and the second one is in January, for the second semester session. In addition, MSS House has open enrollment, and so students can be accepted at any time and will have a different end date.  Applying a month in advance is suggested for preliminary appointments and registration, to be ready for the session start date.

What type of school is Main Street Schoolhouse?

The Main Street Schoolhouse Private School is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education as a “non-charter, non-tax” or “08” school. This means it is absolutely private, with no government funding.

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