All Main Street Schoolhouse programs are life-changing.

The value of learning a systematic program of English, learning to read, or getting a high school diploma, will put you on a road to success.

Private School (Grades 1-12)

How can I enroll my kids in MSS Private School? 

You’ll need to bring your child’s official school transcript from the previous school attended, and other records held by that school, such as health/immunization records, attendance records, and IEP, if you have them.  If your child is currently enrolled in another school, you don’t have to worry about it. We will send a formal request to obtain the records after the initial registration.

When is the time to apply for MSS Private School? 

You can apply ANY time. Moreover, we want to encourage you to do that as soon as possible, but there are two optimum times: in August for beginning at the first semester session, and in January, for the second semester session. Applying a month in advance is suggested for preliminary appointments and registration, to be ready for the session start date. You are very welcome to schedule a personal school tour!

Adult High School 

You can start any day!  To register, visit the Schoolhouse during office hours and bring any school records, such as Transcript of grades and classes, if you have them. The school adviser will make your personal high school program of classes needed, and set up a morning or evening schedule to attend.  You will enjoy the small, personal classes, taught by our friendly, helpful teachers!

Basic Skills Clinics

You can learn more about this Program on Basic Skills Clinics page. In order to be enrolled in one of the clinics or to enroll your child, please call the School Office and set up an appointment for the initial assessment and registration. This is when you will fill in the registration form, discuss the child’s need, and then the Basic Skills teacher will administer the Evaluation/Placement Test.  With this information, the teacher will assign the Learning Level and summarize the procedure for instructing the child.

English Language (ESL)

You can enroll in this Program any time. You don’t need a special appointment to enroll.  Just walk in during our office hours, and the staff will help you to enroll, or fill in the Registration Form here on this website.

We want everybody to learn English, so we have a morning class and also an evening class.  Before you start your classes, you will have an Orientation day.  The staff will give you an ESL Placement Test, figure out your ESL level, give you your English book, assign your school ID, and you will choose your daily class schedule.  Then you are ready to learn!

We also offer English classes for kids. The children’s ESL is called “ESL Reading Lab,” and this is one of the Basic Skills Clinics. You can enroll your child any time, because this is a one-on-one class. Just follow the steps to enroll in the Basic Skills program.

Spanish Language 

If you want to learn Spanish, just call the school and find out the start date for the next class. Let us know if you want a formal class or casual class, for personal interest, or work-related. You can fill out the Registration Form, or come to the school and staff will help you register during office hours.

We also offer Spanish for children and youth. This program is called “Storybook Spanish,” and it is taught during the after-school hours along with the Basic Skills Clinics.