Change of status (from tourist to student or to ESL or Private Schoool)


  1. Copy of passport (copy every marked page in passport)
  2. Copy of VISA and permission to visit the country MUST be current. (We need 1 week minimum time to get all this stuff together before the VISA permits expires.
  3. Proof of Income (either the student or the sponsor) –

3.1  months of bank statements

3.2 sponsor fills out form I-34 affidavit of support (we can help the sponsor fills out form I-34 affidavit of support).

3.3 Fill out form I-539 on the computer (secretary and applicant can do it) *Page 4 asks “how did they support themselves on B-2 VISA”

  1. Pictures of their visit in the country (5 or 6, date and identify each photo) * scanned photos are ok
  2. Letter explaining why they want to study English. (MUST relate to job/educational goals. University name, major study, diploma, if they are college student or college graduate).
  3. Payments

6.1 $200 SEVIS application (CASH)

6.2 $290 change of status application (Official bank check made out to: Department of Homeland and Security. Applicants can get their own check or Ms. Karen can get it for them.)

6.3 $100 School processing fee

   6.4 $100 tuition until they are approved.  Once status is changed the rate goes to $200.

*Books will be bought one by one according their needs.