ESL Course Titles original version

Foundations for English Communication: Progressive English, 10 levels

Pro E 1 – First Things

Pro E 2 – Food

Pro E 3 – Houses

Pro E 4 – Clothing

Pro E 5 – Body & Health

Pro E 6 – The Community

Pro E 7 – Transportation

Pro E 8 – Occupations & Workplaces

Pro E 9 – Activities & Sports

Pro E 10 – The World

Developing English Fluency

English Reading Lab – 9 levels

Friendly Conversation – A    

Friendly Conversation – B

Friendly Conversation – C

Friendly Conversation – D

Read & Spell I  

Read & Spell II

Read & Spell III  

Read & Spell IV

ESL – 3 Writing with Verbs

ESL – 3 Writing with Modals

Advanced International Conversation I

Advanced International Conversation II

Read & Review Books Roundtable I

Read & Review Books Roundtable II

Writing for Expression

Paragraphs, Commentaries, Summaries

Beginning Essays

Advanced Essays

Statement of Purpose, Admission Essay


Test Prep

TOEFL – I   undergraduate

TOEFL –  II   post-graduate


Content Area English

History of our United States

Exploring Science

Plant Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Choosing Good Health

Our America Heritage

Of America Literature

Old World History & Geography

New World History & Geography

Physical Science

The Human Body

American Government

Economics Welcome to Math I, II

Basic Algebra by Brown

Getting to know the Bible series 1-3

Math & Measurements

Language C grammar workbook